VR City Zone


Welcome to VR City Zone Charleston!


We are North Charleston's first Arcade to offer only VR experiences. Come immerse yourself in experiences ranging from walking a tightrope 50 stories up, to shooting tanks with a bazooka, to virtual reality laser tag!


We bring the amusement park experience to your local mall. Walk on in today! We also offer private hours for your special event such as corporate parties and birthdays!


Check out our Wisconsin location on Fox6 and CBS58


Tower Tag

Come play laser tag virtual reality style! Experience room scale VR where you can freely move in your own 10' x 10' space!

VR Tightrope

Conquer your fear of heights by rising to the top of a high rise building and stepping out on a thin steal cable. If you are feeling especially adventurous, try capturing the flag!


Fitness is king! Utilize your endurance and pedaling speed on these VR exercise bikes to drive tanks to defeat your friends or take to the air in a chopper or even a pegasus.

VR Bazooka

Enter the world of infantry vs tank combat with this realistic bazooka on your shoulder. Our bazooka game controller has a force feedback system to provide tactile sensation for that next level of immersion.



Monday - Saturday


10am - 9pm




10am - 6pm



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1 Experience

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3 Experiences

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5 Experiences

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Party Pricing!

Pricing for birthday/corporate parties and events.

1 Hour Event

  • Includes 1 hour of VR arcade time during open hours
  • Capacity is limited by machine availability